From capitalistManifesto

Universal suffrage. Single-transferable vote. All citizens and permanent residents from age 16 upward. Perpetual (lifetime) vote privilege and vote persistence.

Voting methods:

  1. Voting via any secure method - private encrypted.
  2. Includes ballot, mail, online.
  3. Automatic registration
  4. Same day registration.

Democratic process:

  1. Perpetual means vote remains in place unless changed.
  2. Perpetual vote must have valid attribution.
  3. All voter election days every 2 years, electing one quarter of representatives.
  4. 8 year maximum length of term.

Perpetual vote change requires:

  1. Two further affirmations, at least one month apart.
  2. Public published change impact each month with 6 month or annual activation.
  3. Results published every equinox or winter equinox only.
  4. Results of any change is parsed into changes in representatives.