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Part of the citadel, sometimes publicly disavowed but nonetheless understood as a current of the bullshit spigot stream.


  1. The Factual
    • Every day over 10,000 articles are published on hundreds of news topics. How do you decide what to read? Are you seeing the best story on any topic? The Factual automatically analyzes how credible a story is based on diversity of sources, factual tone of writing, author's expertise, and more.
    • At its core, The Factual is an algorithm that rates the credibility of 10,000+ news articles daily. With this data, The Factual offers three products to get the most credible news: newsletter parsing daily news cross-checked by algorithm for credibility, browser extension to check credibility of your news feed articles, and a website with headlines taken from the 10,000+ articles published every day. Ads are stripped by default.
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  2. Oxford University Internet Institute
    • The Oxford Internet Institute was founded as a full department of the University of Oxford in 2001. The idea for an Oxford research centre focusing on the societal opportunities and challenges posed by rapidly-developing Internet technologies was first posed by Dr Andrew Graham, then Master-Elect of Balliol College, and Derek Wyatt, then MP for Sittingbourne and Sheppey, supported by then Oxford University Vice Chancellor, Colin Lucas.
    • Financial support for the department’s establishment was provided by Dame Stephanie Shirley, founder of the computer software company Xansa, with some match funding provided by the Higher Education Funding Council for England. Since 2006, the department has offered graduate degrees, marking its transition to a research-led, teaching department.
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  3. LiveLeak
    • Aggregator and video content eye-witness / on-the-ground reporter (including livestreamer) news and live firsthand footage.
    • LiveLeak state: "As an organisation has no political or ideological bias or affiliation. Careful checks and balances are in place to ensure our organisation operates in as unbiased a manner as is possible. Believe us when we say that your opinion is not something that will ever see you 'censored' on LiveLeak unless you break our rules to put that opinion across."
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  4. Signs of the Times (owned by Quantum Future Group)
    • Signs of the Times (or is a unique player in the Alt Media space, where they utilize their global presence of editors to curate news articles from around the world and post them on the website. The articles they curate are formatted from various sources into a single, beautiful, readable format. Articles come with editor commentary within the article clearly differentiated with a blue background, as well as standard comments section at the bottom. The website is well organized and formatted, which is a big plus.
    • This community has a particular focus on Psychopathy, Esoteric Studies, and Science, which differentiates them from other Alt Media groups. The community has a separate forum more connected with one of their associated sites called where people can go deep and dig into much more of the esoteric material. Signs of the Times has been around for a very long time, circa 2002, and has evolved their branding and business over time. Their slogan is “The world for people who think” and their motto is “Knowledge Protects, Ignorance Endangers.”
    • Anyone seeking to be challenged in their thinking and consciousness should make a visit and communicate with the folks over at Fair warning, not a site for those easily offended. Egos are not treated well there.
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"For the United States, oligarchy is the elephant — and donkey — in the room. Only one candidate for president is willing to name it."



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  1. FactWire.ORG
    • Chinese language site devoted to exposing grift. In 2015, under the call of senior reporter Mr. Wu Xiaodong, 3,300 Hong Kongers raised an unprecedented amount of HK$4.7 million to establish a fax agency, the only news agency in Hong Kong that is independent of a consortium and specializes in investigative reporting.
    • The trust of the public is the foundation of the fax agency. We adhere to the principle of independent, fair and honest interviews and reports. Everything we do is based on the public interest. FactWire's stated mission is to encourage journalistic freedom, to monitor society, to be honest and open and to be a public service serving the public's right to know.
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