Religious Aesthetic Polarization

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America's polarization has historically been fundamentalist religious, not ideological. Hence Left and Right morph from economic to terms that identify two groups. The endless conflict is cuz they both want DC, the prize is too valuable. But otherwise the Anglophone solution is organically manifesting in the Red State Blue State two Americas. Conservatives/Right faith is Christian but also Capitalist and Heaven/Hell thinking. Liberals/Left faith is Cultural but also Identarian and Social/Individual thinking. Right is about Hardware. Left is about Software. Mocking each other as incomprehensible, easy to label the other side as RACIST (left to right) or EVIL (right to left).

Two changes the past generation Right Left dichotomy: popularization of the bald message pushes both sides further extreme. Right goes from Conservative Christian Democrat to Neocon Evangelical Nationalist. Left goes from Liberal Cartesian Egalitarian to Identarian Postmodern Antifa. Right faith is Aristo-Capitalist Good v Evil. Left faith is Critical Race Gender Cultural Absolutist. Both are faiths because facts are secondary but loyalty is make or break. Fuck faiths.