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PROM is short for Pragmatic + Rights + Opportunity + Meritocracy. PROM is an underlying standard applied throughout the Capitalist Manifesto. PROM is proposed to best carry largescale society forward into the pluralist, free-market, reciprocal-libertarian future.

PROM means

  • structuring for the worst that people might fall to doing
    • so the system is robust but rights are inalienable and enshrined
  • but meets the challenge of the time
    • so the system is pragmatic and encourages competition without monopoly or cartel
  • and mitigates inequality of birth
    • to maximize opportunity at graduation
    • and maximize quality of innovation and reward for the best effort and excellence
  • without lowering the bar by undermining the meritocracy of adulthood, which includes:
    • competition
    • wealth
    • power
    • winners and losers