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The problem with falling into line with the Democratic v Republican paradigm is it seems to force people into a weirdly repetitive loyalty affirmation, and since the real world isn't represented by either 'team' of mostly grasping, corrupt political orthodoxies, the people end up having to misrepresent a version of the world to fit the affirmation.

Want some examples?

  • #defundthepolice doesn't mean get rid of the police
  • Alex Jones doesn't support school shooters
  • Joe Rogan doesn't hate trans people
  • Black Lives Matter isn't trying to destroy the family
  • Trump isn't the next Hitler
  • Biden isn't going to tax the corporate oligarchs
  • Russia didn't impact the 2016 election
  • Wearing masks on public transport isn't an affront to your freedom
  • Locking down whole cities is an affront to your freedom.
  • Coronavirus is a virulent threat and should be taken seriously
  • Coronavirus is not Ebola and can't be an excuse for governments becoming totalitarian

Democrats think everyone else is a homophobic gun-toting Nazi looking for ways to deny climate change, force rape victims to have babies and lock immigrants in cages.

Republicans think everyone else is a pedophile enabler who wants to take away guns, censor free speech, kill babies, raise taxes and destroy their way of life.

It's a shame (though understandable) to see public figures either reacting to the endless 'woke' hit pieces by getting sucked into joining the opposing team or else supporting the transparent abuse of power to save themselves from being targeted next.

The whole game of Red v Blue is banal and stupifying.

It's tearing America apart not because of any real ideological differences between Americans but because it degrades everyday debate into a contest of petulant monkeys throwing their own excrement at foghorns.


Describe. Pros and cons.


Describe. Pros and cons.


Duopoly versus splintered Left or Right, e.g. Labour and Lib Dems in the UK versus Conservatives and Brexit Party. Boils down to individuals. What thinking behind enabling criminal class?


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America has always been a plutocracy. Most countries are. The pain of our venerable rich-poor society is in your face, in 2020, because the economics of perpetual growth hit the global competition wall and now, increasingly, the American population is meeting the reality of hard exploitation. It’s still worse in Iraq and Mexico, right? Life isn’t anywhere close to Third World conditions for most Americans. Yet. 🇺🇲

Left v Right, Blue v Red? Obama v Bush, Biden v Trump? Masks v Guns? Science v Ego?

All these bullshit conceits are simply versions of the same choose-your-own fantasy, evolving always a step ahead of popular feeling and served up ready to consume, to fill your time and coral the disparate personality energy of massive populations down to a manageable scale. This ever-responsive fantasy has been the first and (so far) only test the ruling elites have needed. Its results let citizens self-select a life as one of the 300+ million suckers at the low-stakes plutocracy table.

If you’re born into – or occasionally migrate into – the plutocrat cabal, you get to choose a life that fits whether you think America should or shouldn’t be run as lineage of corporate oligarchy; without upsetting the entrenched power paradigm.

If – like 99% of Americans and 99.5% of the global population – you’re NOT on the inside, it’s crazy (or craven) to subordinate yourself to the perfidious Left v Right (duopoly) paradigm; or to whichever polarization happens to be in vogue to convince and control your particular demographic.

Freedom only begins once this subordination ends. In most cases this never happens, which is the real triumph – and ongoing priority – of the status quo. Powerful, complex forces work 24/7 every day, every month, every year, to keep the polarization plates spinning. It’s proven able to mesmerize and pacify for decades.

There’s no reason to hope the current American dynamic is going to change any time soon.

Why should it? 🗽

Why duopoly?

Designed against change. If you feel you want to organize for change and set up a third party to represent that change, you end up taking votes from the existing party closer to your values. Thus tipping the balance in favour of the party furthest from your values. Most evil outcome. To achieve the least evil outcome you need to not challenge for election in the first place.

The above most evil least evil pressure only works if you've bought into the standard urgency atmosphere generated around elections. Establishment wants electorate focused on election day as if it's all got to be resolved in a single all-important poll. This isn't how the establishment thinks. Time is one of the landlords biggest weapons and they wield it with subtlety and skill, much like their feudal ancestor's expertise with a sword.