Perpetual Polling

From capitalistManifesto


There's a thousand companies making money from polling, be it advertising on-site or selling rights to publish results to media outlets or data to psychometrics third parties, whatever.

Most polling relies on landline phone call, or unreliable phone check boxes, or dubious data scraping algorithms, or cheap labour on the high street gathering pen and paper results.

Perpetual Polling would aim to gather results from X polled individuals, on a specific question or set of questions. The individuals would then be able to change or confirm their choices every Y days (i.e. 30 days, 365 days, daily, depending on poll). Once it has over 1000 answers, it becomes monetizable.

Example: Users 1,2,3,4 all poll REPUBLICAN, TRUMP. Month later user 1 flips TRUMP to nobody, user 2 flips TRUMP to BIDEN, user 4 flips REPUBLICAN to DEMOCRAT. Polling site has not only results but also trends and engagement built into the model. This sets it apart because it automatically focuses attention on the swing voters - those susceptible to change - which is 100x more valuable than the base.


  • to keep up a website that was like a perpetual poll - like voting intentions - where people can put in their vote (which makes for a sample size, like traditional polling)
  • they can update their vote as conditions change.
  • if the dataset gets big enough, it can become useful for trends.
  • publicize on social media for fuck all money.
  • even a few thousand sample size, it could start to be monetized cuz that's more than a lot of polls already.