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There is no mass movement for change that plans without action.

No genuine leader of a movement truly advocating change wants to sell you hats and T-shirts.

Society, as it is constructed today, is the result of innumerable small acts of creation, building a critical mass net over millennia.

Sudden change is rare and rarely positive because it's either imposed by an external force (e.g. war, virus) or a systemic failure finally giving out (revolution, coup).

Dunning-Kruger is the default condition of ALL our understanding and ALL our opinions. The only counterbalance is humility and an open mind, committed to a reality of facts as best you're able to interpolate them.


Personal influence, if it's to be ethical, equitable and not reductive of other human beings, begins at your own physical space and extends in progressively less justifiable more imperfect regions of location and time. Societal units vaguely reflect this: self, family, community, neighborhood, parish, town, county, state, nation, etc.

Without the conceit of amplifying influence using unusual wealth, authority, status, or celebrity, only personal influence matters; and only personal influence communicates itself to other human beings in a way that can be reciprocal, authentic, and permanent (insofar as anything in the world can be).


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