Open Source Government

From capitalistManifesto

Laws are made in an organic way, following a five stage process directing whether it's to be a Commune, Canton or Federal law.

In practice it should be possible to use the law making process to start from scratch, no legislation, no institutions except those established by the Constitution; and from there, by the direct voting will of the people, recreate all the institutions, laws, regulations and mechanisms of governance.

New law can be made at any time. Existing laws including institutional and authoritarian organs of state power, can be changed at any time.

There are three processes for law-making:

  1. Citizen
  2. Congressional Assembly
  3. Federal Council

With the judiciary, all the way up to the Supreme Court, interpreting law - at the front line - and in so doing, establishing precedent that's de jure law-making; until new legislation is passed.

All law and full accounts for all levels of government is public and must be published for all citizens to review at their leisure. Open publication include: legislation under construction, public debate, committee record, etc.

All data collected by government institutions or entered into debate or record is also publicly available for all citizens.

Government at Federal, Canton and Commune level publishes cogent summary of all institutional and law-maker activity (including revenues and spending) on a weekly basis including schedule for week and month ahead. All citizens to receive this information as a Constitutional right.