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"The concentration of land in a few hands was a big reason why wealth as a whole was so unequal in the country, as those without land were prevented from generating more income. We have this idea that the class structures have changed so that the aristocracy is not as important as it used to be. What this demonstrates is the continuing importance of the aristocracy in terms of wealth and power in our society... one effect of the sale of public land was that the public lost democratic control of that land and it could not then be used, for example, for housing or environmental improvements. You can’t make the best social use of it.” - Carys Roberts, chief economist Institute for Public Policy Research

"Most people remain unaware of quite how much land is owned by so few. A few thousand dukes, baronets and country squires own far more land than all of middle England put together." - Guy Shrubsole, Who Owns England?

Land is a critical economic and social asset as it is a key input to agricultural production, a source of income, and collateral for credit. Land is valued not just for material purposes or as a productive resource but also for symbolic reason in terms of identity, status and hierarchy within a social context.

Heriditary Titles

They're fine, basically. Who gives a fuck?


  1. India
    • 31% of all households are landless. Landlessness is defined as possessing land below 0.002 hectares, or 215 sq. ft. Assuming an average household size of five, the total landless population in India works out to be 200 million.
    • "Around 7% of Indians control more than 47% of the country’s land while the rest 93% struggle to live with just 53% of the land." - NSSO Survey 2013


UK Map of Publicly Owned Land

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Federal Land by American State US Federal Govt Mineral Land Ownership

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England Land Ownership Imbalance Federal Land in US State of California

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