Individual Citizens (Baseline)

From capitalistManifesto

Individuals are citizens, minors under 16 or 18 (depending on the Canton) and adults for the rest of their lives.

Individual rights and freedom of opportunity have taken the most harm from the maturation of corporate oligarchy coalesced around the United States after the Second World War. It's understandable this plutocratic democracy has become the dominant modern expression of the continuous lineage of land rights of adaptive feudal wealth and power. It's the path of least resistance from undemocratic feudal precursors.

What's more, revolution and government by the proletariat has demonstrated a propensity to authoritarianism: the power of an aristocracy wielded with the brutality of a peasant. Plutocracy must tread more carefully, pull its punches (mostly) and ultimately the continuity of ruling elites has a perversely civilizing effect on entitled lineages of wealth.

That said the plutocracy has become a crass corporate oligarchy that's protecting its interests through a monopoly on political power, to the detriment of society, the public and even the individuals locked into the corporate oligarchy itself. Restoration - and realigning around an improvement to - individual rights and creating genuine (but competitively challenging) freedom of opportunity is the solution to the increasingly moribund oligarchy.