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  1. the world of hedonistic capitalism is hedonic
  2. stoicism is about the pursuit of eudaimonia - new stoicism taken on by Jocko Willink types to legitimize Do As I Do... But that's like lottery winner advertising the lottery.
  3. look up cruel optimism 'pull yourself up by the bootstraps' approach to big social problems via bullshit individual solve it - atomization technique, snake oil sellers thrive therein.
  4. Anomie another bogus crypto-fundamentalism because it translates individual lack of eudaimonia (often via excess of hedonism - which contravenes the fundamentalism) into a morality lesson of degraded atomized hedonic today versus an idealised past or heaven-future because of anomie across society. Luddite.
    • French sociologist Émile Durkheim in his influential book Suicide - his anomie was anti-Industrial anti-mass production anti-money, advocating a heaven of small communities
    • Durkheim ideas taken on by Robert K Merton (American sociologist) who in the late 1930s folded in definitions of norm used by successors as justification of the Protestant aesthetic morality - blaming anomie on deviance. The permissive society battle lines were drawn up.
    • Merton developed 'strain theory' which describes the ability of a person to live fulfilling conditions of life being crushed by opportunity to do it cuz of intractable biased society, like live the dream get rich impossible if you're born poor and black.
  5. Freda Adler describes synomie - the opposite of anomie - when society norms align with individuals fulfillment through having opportunity (agency). She turns it into a treatise on family values, social control, religion, all that shit.
  6. Structural functionalism @