Gold Collar

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The quinary (fifth) sector is the sector that focuses on human services and control, such as government and some charities, as well as creation or non-routine use of information and new technologies, linking slightly with the quaternary sector e.g. CEO and CTO roles.

Sometimes referred to as ‘gold collar’ professions,[8] they represent another subdivision of the tertiary sector representing special and highly paid skills of senior business executives, government officials, research scientists, financial and legal consultants, etc. The highest level of decision makers or policy makers perform quinary activities.


  1. Peasant Labour - "raw materials" via extraction, mining, agriculture, farming, livestock
  2. Blue Collar - "manufacturing" via industrial processing, construction, engineering, turning raw materials into finished products
  3. Rentseekers - "services" via supply chains, support, transport, distribution, retail, wholesale, entertainment, value-added services
  4. White Collar - "information technology" via computing, media, research and development, financiers, science, civil service
  5. Gold Collar - "executive apex" via government, large charities, CEO and CTOs, senior businessmen, research scientists, barristers, judges and other decision makers defining policy impacting lives at scale