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  1. Urbex
  2. Eurostar v Smartcar
  3. Ms Hill
  4. Antifa Adam R Costello
  5. Faithless Feckless - Father Faithful
  6. Niche Nitch Swathe Swath - Linguaphobia
  7. Rubbertramps Eng USA Fra Ger - etc?
  8. Bullshit Temptation of Hero's Journey
  9. "16 Clumsy and Shy" - Moz
  10. "16 Shiny and Spry" - 1968
  11. Psychedelia Machine Elves
  12. Looking for God In The Gaps?
  13. Blipvert Calculus of Consciousness
  14. 6079 Smith W.! Yes, you! Bend lower, please! You can do better than that. You're not trying. Lower, please! That's better, comrade. Now stand at ease, the whole squad, and watch me.'
  15. IDW Review
  16. Patrice O'Neal breaking down the media landscape around 7m30 talking about low level Jews @ https://youtube.com/arTXw60SD8o
  17. English Voodoo
  18. Rollcall: Sam Quebec, Mali, St Peter's, Diego Garcia, Genesis St Alban's, JuMP etc.
  19. Musesurfing: Artificial intelligence
  20. Musesurfing: Biomedical Business
  21. Social Media: The Social Network 21. Social Media: Soapbox, Brandself, Icon Exploiting, Delegated Projection
  22. Dominic Cummings Blog
  23. "Into the real adult world is like starting a new school in a familiar town. Most everyone else is there before you, bedded in."
  24. Dark Enlightenment - Vainglorious Gonzo Academics
  25. Democracy Is Fucked
  26. Qanon: Losers Choose Wrong Way At Every Fork
  27. Bullshit Duopoly
  28. Religious Aesthetic Brain
  29. Anglo Flight or Fight
  30. American Capitalism: Rigged Game, Winners v Losers Crucible, Violence Creativity?
  31. Chinese Capitalism: hello one gold piece, Confucius Nation God v Separation of Church and State
  32. Libido Untermensch: Hong Kong Many-Splendored Han Suyin, Indochina Transsexual Pre-Op Colour
  33. Whisky River Spey Moonshine
  34. Nine Years For Mortal Men Doomed To Die
  35. Trying To Find An Adult Responsible Reasonable Sustainable High
  36. Self-Medication - Looking For Colour in Monochrome
  37. Agrifood: Natural Fucking Flavours
  38. Environmentalism: Planes, Trains and Automobiles - Burning v Absorbing v Diverting
  39. Futuretech: Batteries
  40. Futuretech: Gene Editing, CRISP-R, Eugenics (State, Family, Societal)
  41. Cognitive Assonance
  42. Public Private Partnership - Dynamic Grift v Devouring Greed
  43. Corporate Immortality, Purpose Profit, Regulation Realism
  44. Poison Food Hope Healthfulness
  45. Everybody's Dead Dave
  46. Choosing When Is Long Enough To Feel Like Ever After
  47. New Stoicism