Free Community

From capitalistManifesto

The biggest practical obstacle to a larger scale society functioning in a way that gives due care (personal attention) to its citizens, is scale. Exceptional people may be able to overcome the dehumanizing dynamics of a system where one person deals with thousands of strangers - or at least assist to dehumanize through charm and charisma. But regular work-a-day hands need personal connection - from the employee of the institution as well as the citizen. Nations have become so high population, civil service so vast and impersonal and distant from the individuals impacted by their department, the sheer scale sets the system up to fail from the get go.

Federal, Canton, Commune tripartite autonomy is the solution to the problem of scale. The demands of state continuity used to make centralization of institution and authority a necessity. This is no longer the case.

Community must be first among equals, for those services and provisions and safeguarding of rights requiring collaboration and pooling of expertise. Beyond that, the individual and the family's freedom is paramount.