Federal and Tripartite Rights

From capitalistManifesto
  1. Federal (National/State)
  2. Canton (County)
  3. Commune (Community, Parish)
  4. Family (Partnership, Collective)
  5. Citizen (Individual)



  1. universal suffrage of all citizens from the age of 16
  2. government spending at all levels must be transparent
  3. oversight of provision of:
    • employment rights
    • unemployment benefits
    • sustenance (food, clothing)
    • adequate private housing
    • social security
    • childcare
    • schooling
  4. Regulation of:
    • Freedom from unfair competition
    • Protection against trusts and monopolies
    • Continuity of free market
    • Competitiveness of citizen value in the free market
    • Fairness of criminal justice system
    • Provision of baseline citizen opportunity
  5. regulation of education to tertiary graduation to a level necessary for equality of opportunity (core syllabus)
  6. guarantee for dignity of life: disability, sickness, old age, accident, injury restitution


  1. maintain standards for police, prisons, judiciary and justice system
  2. representation in international affairs including repatriation
  3. no extradition unless voluntary
  4. taxation directed by taxpayer at both federal and Canton level
  5. consent for taxation not to be unreasonably withheld
  6. legal standard of 'reasonableness' derived from English Common Law
  7. right to privacy (including identity, data, thoughts, public anonymity)
  8. opt-in opt-out public health