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The family is a fundamental component of society.

In the past, family has been used to restrict freedom of many citizens by forcing a limited definition of family onto the population as a whole. Typically these definitions were gender specific, framed in terms of mating pairs and institutionalized through marriage and religious ritual.

The Capitalist Manifesto extends the right of family to include the definition and the scope of shared interdependence as an essential constitutional component of a citizen's freedom of identity.

The default definition of family is inherited from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: "Blah blah direct line of blood or legal adoption plus one spouse per marriage (for life or until divorced)."

Family autonomy is an inalienable right.

Family definition is a matter for Canton Constitutional Law.

Family autonomy includes:

  1. Shared resources
  2. Parental authority
  3. Obligation of care
  4. Obligation of education
  5. Right to social security as adjusted to meet the needs of the family including children and elderly.
  6. Right to give and receive freely between family members.
  7. Right of adult family members to act for and represent the family as defined by law and autonomous declaration.
  8. Rights of inheritance under common law order of eminence or under constitutional law where family autonomous definition contradicts common law.
  9. Minor family members family rights to be held in trust by parents (or designated member where family autonomous definition redefines the minor's guardians).

Family definition may, unless Canton Constitutional Law states otherwise, create or modify extant relations and position of adult family members including guardianship of minor family members.

Default family is defined as two parents but this may be redefined under family autonomy in any relationship dynamic between any number of responsible mutual adult citizens.

There is no distinction made in family autonomy based on gender, ethnicity, age or any other legally protected feature of identity.

Family autonomy may not contravene the inalienable rights or freedom of the citizen.

Members living under the Constitutional Law of their home Canton receive full and as native legal status exercised through family autonomy in all other Cantons of the Nation and the Confederation.

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