False Dichotomy

From capitalistManifesto


This is when someone tries to claim there are only two sides to an issue and that both sides must have equal presentation in order to be evaluated. This technique is used to dupe us into believing there is only one way to look at an issue, when in fact there may be many alternative viewpoints or "sides". Like most propaganda techniques it simplifies reality and therefore distorts it, often to the advantage of the speaker. A classic example is the "intelligent design" versus "evolution" controversy.


  • "Abortion at nine months? That's just plain murder."
  • "So the rape victim carrying an unwanted pregnancy by a violent criminal should be forced to serve an unjust life sentence?"

  • "No civilized nation should abandon its sick and its elderly and its vulnerable to die on the streets without access to healthcare."
  • "You can't expect me to work hard and then pay for everybody else's failure to support themselves. That sounds like socialism to me. It's not the American way."

  • "Give us your huddled masses, it says on the Statue of Liberty. We're a nation of immigrants. It's woven into the fabric of the American exceptionalism to welcome immigration and receive refugees from less fortunate places. We must let people in at our borders."
  • "We were once a nation expanding to fill a continent. Times change. The world changes. America can't afford to be turned into a slum full of murderous criminal gangs and drug crime. Legal immigration to set quotas is one thing but the borders must be closed to illegals, undocumented workers should be deported. Build that wall!"

  • "The Democratic Party is full of freaks and faggots and corrupt atheists. They want to tax the shit out of everyone to pay for insane sex transitions while good honest Americans are sent off to fight wars for the Clintons and the Epsteins and their cabal of paedophiles."
  • "The Republicans are a party of racists and bigots and hypocrites. They want to let the poor starve while big business gets richer and the 1% control everything. They start wars, prop up foreign dictators and make America hated around the world. Plus their politicians are all fascists trying to hide being gay."