Fake News

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"For the great majority of mankind are satisfied with appearances, as though they were realities, and are often more influenced by the things that seem than by those that are." - Niccolo Machiavelli

"The propagandist's purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human." - Aldous Huxley


  1. Concentrated Power of the Big Press.
  2. Passing of competition and the coming of monopoly.
  3. Governmental control of the press.
  4. Timidity, especially in the face of group and corporate pressures.
  5. Big Business mentality - PLUTOCRACY
  6. Clannishness among the newspaper publishers that has prevented them from criticising each other.
  7. Social blindness.
- Max Lerner


  • Neoliberal Brainwashing: Journalism In the Service of the Powerful Few
  • Media as a weapon of mass deception
  • The Guardian Slips Beyond the Reach of Embarrassment
  • Corporate bullshit as a communication method


  • media (medium): means for reaching people with a message. Common media are newspapers, magazines, radio, television, films, billboards, computers, fax machines, e-mail, etc. Mass Media refers to messages that reach the masses--the common people, large numbers of people.

propaganda: a systematic effort to spread opinions or beliefs; a plan or method for spreading beliefs.

  • internet: (coined from the words interconnection + network) A set of computers "talking" over fiber optics, phone lines, satellite links and other media accessing pieces of information. The network formed by the cooperative interconnection of computing networks. Also called the World Wide Web (www). Websites or pages that feature personal and corporate information, buying sites, etc. are an important part of the internet.
  • cyberspace: An abstract term referring to the universe of information contained in the internet which is accessed through computers.
  • e-mail: electronic mail, sending and receiving letters, messages through computers.
  • morphing: Altering photographs, film, video through electronic imaging. Elaborate digitized systems enable resolution and color to be easily changed. Electronic squares (pixels) are given a binary code that makes them easy to adjust. Thus, heads can be put on different bodies, buildings can be moved, people can be added to photographs and the changes are virtually undetectable.
  • digital buddies or "bots:" Virtual "friends" on the internet. They are programmed to make friends and small talk. They take cues from a human acquaintance's questions and answers and search databases for conversational information. Bot-speak can be formulaic, but it can also be startlingly lifelike. They are a powerful new dimension in marketing. They make direct connections with people and can market movie tickets, magazine subscriptions, reality T.V. shows or any product or service. Most buddies are programmed with personalities that appeal to their target audiences.
  • clickbait:
  • encrypted/encryption:
  • bias:
  • confirmation bias:
  • cognitive dissonance:
  • mainstream media (or MSM):
  • alt-right media:
  • antifa:
  • left wing:
  • right wing:
  • populist:
  • fascist:
  • centrist:
  • false flag:
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