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Americans, Australians and Brits are culturally different to the European or Asian countries. Not because one is better or worse but, for whatever reason, Anglosphere freedom is tied up with feudal thinking i.e. land and autonomy. Europeans and Asians are of the cathedral, Anglos after of the castle.

Our govts are moving towards a techno totalitarianism. The smartest and the affluent will evade the worst of it but if strong connections aren't made soon, it'll be an atomized future existence at the margins of a brutal mainstream; irrelevant and obsolete. I've a feeling the individualists will need to be solidifying connections, which'll need to start taking physical land autonomy and economic independence a lot more seriously. (to be continued..)


  1. Griftiest grift? Big pharma. Funding research with taxpayer billions to price gouge the sick with drugs that perpetuate rather than cure. Profits mostly to tax-avoiding stockholders OR Agrifood. Grift too heinous for a tweet... Political party funding is almost honest by comparison!
  2. Hume saw it fairly clearly hundreds of years ago: "Nothing appears more surprising to those who consider human affairs than how easily the many are governed by the few."
  3. On the other hand, the debate gets very boring and slow and dry when trying to pindown a real solution to a real socioeconomic problem. Hmm. Maybe bloviating about Yang Fantasies is better after all...