Energy Grid

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There's no reason, save those of profit and economic path of least resistance, to be relying on fossil fuel (including biomass) burning to generate power - for a country, a community or a home. Energy provision is part of the baseline, a right of citizenship, not a ransom for corporate stakeholders.


There are big profits to be squeezed out of an effective monopoly on an essential life service (electricity, heat, water) but this isn't capitalism, it's not a free market, and it doesn't serve the best interests of a competitive, innovative, economically robust society.

In the 21st-century, energy provision no longer needs to be left in the hands of multinational corporations. Profits from the exploitation of renewable energy (wind, sun, hydro) takes advantage of land use and known technology, to generate the power, and internal infrastructure, to store and transport the power to serve the needs of a population.


Blueprint For Carbon-Free Power Grid Blueprint For Carbon-Free Power Grid


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