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In today’s society, anyone can have a platform from the comfort of their own homes, a luxury that was not available before the internet and modern technology. This is a huge benefit, because more people can research news that is important to them without being corrupt, and then spread the word. However, it also leads to an overflow of information, not all of which is high quality. Greed media - self-determinist, libertarian(ish), entitled - is a popular slice of the neoliberal bullshit pie.

  1. Zero Hedge
    • "Zero Hedge or ZeroHedge is a far-right libertarian financial blog, presenting staff-written articles and aggregating news and opinions from external sources." Wikipedia's tagline, for what that's worth.
  2. Hong Kong Free Press
    • Founded in 2015, Hong Kong Free Press is an impartial, non-profit, English-language newspaper. Run by journalists, backed by readers and completely independent, HKFP is governed by a public code of ethics.
    • Check out Hong Kong Free Press
  3. Muck Rack
    • Muck Rack's stated purpose is to "find the right journalists for your story, send customized pitches, collaborate with your team, and quantify your impact with Muck Rack, the powerful, easy-to-use PR software platform. Muck Rack enables you to discover the best journalists to pitch on any story based on their profiles in our extensive media database, or through our comprehensive search engine covering the articles they’ve written and the content they share on social media."
    • Muck Rack provides a centralized repository of supporting bullshit, for hack journalists to mine. They express it less concisely as: to "Build precisely-targeted media lists that are automatically kept up-to-date, saving you from the burden of legacy media databases or manually-updated spreadsheets. Measure your impact with Muck Rack’s reporting and graphing features. Used globally by Fortune 500 companies, brands and agencies as an essential component of their communications strategy, Muck Rack enables the public relations professionals to accomplish more and prove their impact."
    • Check out Muck Rack and the Muck Rack rankings resource
  4. Trading Economics
    • According to their blurb: "Trading Economics provides its users with accurate information for 196 countries including historical data and forecasts for more than 20 million economic indicators, exchange rates, stock market indexes, government bond yields and commodity prices. Our data is based on official sources, not third party data providers, and our facts are regularly checked for inconsistencies. TradingEconomics.com has received more than 646 million page views from more than 200 countries."
    • Check out [https://tradingeconomics.com/Trading Economics site
  5. Patriotic Millionaires
    • Proud “traitors to their class,” members of the Patriotic Millionaires are high-net worth Americans, business leaders, and investors who are united in their concern about the destabilizing concentration of wealth and power in America. The mission of The Patriotic Millionaires organization is to build a more stable, prosperous, and inclusive nation by promoting public policies based on the “first principles” of equal political representation, a guaranteed living wage for all working citizens, and a fair tax system.
    • Check out Patriotic Millionaires