Case Study Healthcare

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This is a very well-known example coming directly from a party campaign, the one carried out by UKIP in order to convince British voters to choose for the Leave side. It must be pointed out that the ad insists on an element that is perceived as a basic need for people, such as a more efficient and more affordable health system. It thus leverages emotions and inner fears, such as the one of being left (or heaving your loved ones being left) without appropriate care in case of illness, incident, or when the old age approaches.


  • if you're earning more than the doctor, Americans can receive the best healthcare in the world.
  • if you're earning less than the nurse, Americans receive the worst healthcare of any OECD country.
  • if you're a poor or paycheck-to-paycheck American, you may receive no healthcare at all.


"Most of us will fall somewhere between doctor and nurse earnings so the quality of healthcare in America versus the rest of the OECD is going to depend on the condition and a plethora of determining factors e.g. how long the condition lasts, how costly is the treatment required, how lucky you are with your insurance small print, how much you're spending on your policies prior to diagnosis, where you live, etc."

"Where the advocates for status quo in the US fall over is, ironically, in their own argument: public healthcare is less efficient, has a high tax burden and offers everyone less freedom to get the healthcare they need. Reality is Americans have to pay more for the same treatment and the system as a whole is a bigger tax burden on the US by far."

"Freedom to get the best healthcare is curtailed by insurance companies motivated - quite naturally - by profit, not your best interests. This diverts the free market's competitive efficiency energy to securing highest profit rather than, as some argue, ensuring the best healthcare."