Bullshit Duopoly

From capitalistManifesto

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Let's pause the opinion mudlinging for a bit.


  1. GOP and Democratic Party being superficially different but fundamentally the same isn't a connection anyone wants to be forced to make. After all, if true the implications are brutal and disheartening.
  2. The reason many say they're the same comes from simply separating the slogans from the substance (legislation, civic action, policies carried out, fine print of laws passed by bi-partisan 'compromises' etc).
  3. Check out the past 20 years of fed, state, city law making, regulations, trade agreements, decisions re budget spending, military action and so on. This is the reality of duopoly, in practice. Opinion doesn't need to come into it.
  4. People can argue about whether a particular law was good or bad but there's no debate whether the law itself exists (or what it says in the legislation).
  5. With this in mind, I'd challenge anyone to look over the real-world law making and policy decisions enacted - and try to see whether there's a meaningful difference between GOP and Democratic governance.
  6. I'd be happy to see proof they're not both serving the interests of corporate oligarchy and lineage wealth; and not the average American.
  7. I reckon you'll find the whole Red v Blue dichotomy is a fantasy designed and propagated thru media collusion, to keep the public busy arguing bullshit and never holding their elected representatives accountable.