Bloodlines, Land Rights and 7 Billion Tenants

From capitalistManifesto

Bloodlines from Feudal Winners. Land Rights from the Law of the Land. Landlords and Tenants 21st-century.

All of today's major countries sit on a continuous timeline on which democratic governments are a relatively recent phenomenon. Few hundred years ago the same territories were ruled by absolute feudal right by aristocratic bloodlines. The majority of the population were common tenants of feudal landlords. The shift to democracy wasn't a simple transition of power into public hands but instead a solution to egregious landlord privilege, giving a little ground to the population while safeguarding (as best as circumstances allowed) lineage power dynamics.

It's important to see our societies for what they are, not what they're advertised to be. There's no level playing field. If you're born poor and landless, it's 99.9% likely that's how you'll die. This isn't because of some evil global conspiracy of bloodlines but a natural consequence of feudal land rights and continuity of the rule of law protecting - quite reasonably - the rightful property of family inheritance.