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  1. The Heritage Foundation (Republican Party)
  2. The Corbett Report
    • James Corbett is a popular “entry-level” source for much of the controversial alternative media world (otherwise known as “conspiracy theories”). His slogan is “Open Source Intelligence News” where he actively engages with his audience and supporters to investigate issues. He posts articles on his website and has great videos on his YouTube channel, ranging in length from minutes to hour long in-depth pieces. He’s one of the OGs in the space having his first videos posted to YouTube 10 years ago. There’s a lot of information to go through just from this one source, so be prepared to go down the rabbit hole.
    • Check out The Corbett Report
  3. Nick di Paolo - comedian, Republican snake-oil salesman, parsing racism into spin with a suffer no fools comic sensibility


  1. Project Veritas
    • Project Veritas is an American right-wing activist group founded by James O'Keefe in 2010. The group uses undercover techniques to reveal supposed liberal bias and corruption and is known for producing deceptively edited videos about media organizations and left-leaning groups.
    • Check out Project Veritas
  2. Zero Hedge
    • Zero Hedge began as a news source for alternative economic news, with the motto “On a long enough timeline all fiat currencies return to their intrinsic value of zero”. Since getting popular over the years, they have created a new slogan that reads, “On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.”
    • Many mainstreamers consider this a “doom and gloom” website, so perhaps the new slogan fits quite well. It’s a good site to check what the #* alternative media is saying about economic affairs. One of the negatives to the site is all of the ads, however. It will slow people’s browser down to a halt after some time. I advise to use something that can help with blocking of the ads, yet still allow the site to receive their funding — I suggest using the Brave Browser.
    • Check out Zero Hedge
  3. Rogue Money
    • A relatively new player on the alternative media scene which came alive during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. Hosts, V the Guerrilla Economist and CJ the Producer remind me of Howard Stern style radio focused on current affairs. Political correctness is not to be found on their show — as V has many passionate, and at times unfiltered, rants. The show is America-focused, meaning they do their best to speak to an American audience in order to spark the spirit of a civically disengaged and apathetic population.
    • Rogue Money is all about self empowerment, freedom, and challenging traditional notions of what America represents. They bring on varied guests which touch on a range of topics relevant to economics, current affairs and cultural issues. This is my #1 ‘talk radio’ daily news update.
    • Check out Rogue Money



"Dark Enlightenment or the neo-reactionary movement, sometimes abbreviated NRx, is an anti-democratic, anti-egalitarian, reactionary trend, formalized (to an extent) for the 21st-century by American blogger Curtis Yarvin (under the pen name "Mencius Moldbug") and eloquently parsed into the Crowley lineage by English horror story writer and blogger Nickl Land. Ostensibly, the Dark Enlightenment rejects the 'sham' of liberal democracy in favour of traditional societal constructs and quasi-mythologized past forms of government, e.g. Louis XIV of France, Julius Caesar, Frederick of Prussia, etc; mixed in the vaguely occult-crucible of passionate, unfulfilled nostalgia and served to the public in the tenebrous rhetoric of exhortation."
  1. Nick Land "Dark Enlightenment"
  2. Mencius Moldbug "Unqualified Reservations"
  3. Curtis Yarvin "Gray Mirror"
  4. NRx - Anti-Democratic Neoreactionaries - alt-Trolling


  1. Cody Wilson - Kantbot -
  2. Hatred of the Masses
  3. Ironycel - Obsession With Insulting Virgin Losers
  4. Status 451 Blog (to 2019)
  5. Tim Preuss Podcast

"Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others."

"I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book."


  1. Xenosystems 2020 Alt-Trolls "Fade To Black Phase"
  2. Xenosystems 2018 Alt-Trolls "Catalyst Phase"
  3. Seeder "Catalyst Phase"
  4. Colony of Commodus Blog "Fade To Black Phase"
  5. Neo-Ciceronian Times Blog
  6. Richard Carrier - Deepak Chopra of Neoreactionary Trolling


Clever trolls (of the Dark Enlightenment) are astute enough to see through the vanity fair pantomime beguiling most of the public. This type rightly understands that the world is a plutocracy of entrenched lineage interests fed by, protected by and ringfenced by a cabal of disciplined, ambitious, variously competent mandarins. The clever trolls aren’t disciplined themselves – though they smokescreen their laziness with erudite cynicism, excusing their inconsistency as a symptom of ennui: who wouldn’t be bored by the infantilization of society? Above all, the clever trolls resent their exclusion from the ‘cathedral’ – the high-status professional guardians of culture in the universities and the institutions – and this resentment is the well-spring of a bitter dynamism characteristic in clever trolling.

Let’s be clear: it is not the knowledge or the cultural influence of the ‘cathedral’ motivating the clever trolls, but its privileged connection to the corridors of wealth and power. The clever trolls aren’t invited to the plutocrat’s banquet. The trolls aren’t in the oligarchy gang. They don’t have the lineage, or the backstage pass of legitimacy conferred on the most trusted, best ingratiating representatives of ‘cathedral’ orthodoxies.

Being barred entry to society’s inner circle (as the trolls perceive it) makes those circles even more desirable and that desire, unable to find open expression, plays out in convoluted ways. Secret language, hidden knowledge, gang signs, conspiracy theories, holy alt-circles, neophyte aspirants to the alt-circles used and abused as an audience for clever troll proselytizing. None of it amounts to much. The alt-cathedral of the trolls is more like a bothy. It’s no San Pietro, despite the conceit.

To keep the conceit going, after any early growth of personality cult is exhausted, the clever trolls – like all trolls – need to manifest their grand theories of the world. Most trolls are mesmerized by the hero’s journey, always in a pivotal role that puts their noble goodness to the test against evil as formidable as it is vague. Mindful of the vagueness, the hero’s journey fantasy tends to fixate on real-world celebrities and appropriate extant cultural forces: life becomes a quest to be fought for the soul of the loyalists against colluding ‘cathedral’ and Illuminati-ciphers.

Aside from a few dozen priest-caste bloggers with a genuine talent for expression and old-fashioned expertise in political theory, the ‘alt-cathedral’ is an archetype of pompous, frustrated anti-establishment vanity. It’s a population of followers seeking a leader, moving from one faith to the next, in the orbit of whoever’s most confident in their fields of vision. These followers are passive, busy following recipes of spin to sift on-message facts from the ever-fruitful internet bullshit spigot and self-conditioned to defer to a heterodoxy (as defined by the leader) whenever new subjects or latest events need to be steered safely into the safe harbor of the group’s cognitive dissonance.

There’s a robust practice of donations borrowed from revivalist preachers – give and ye shall be blessed – albeit with a different codex of secrets to the traditional conservative religious books.

It would be harsh to blame the alt-cathedral priests for their lifestyle. Nobody likes being told no by a desirable clique. For the clever troll-priests, gifted enough to perceive that their independence conceit is the architect of their individual irrelevance – but resenting the exclusion nonetheless – it fuels their commitment to a cult of the personality. The hero’s journey is a natural corollary, a vehicle for gathering members of the cult, the stories of holy conspiracy quests a shortcut to win hearts and minds to the cause. Small wonder most prominent alt-cathedral priests are also writers by profession. Evocative language is their stock in trade, and the best bait to broadcast to the world.

It might’ve been different had the plutocracy opened its arms (and its wallet of opportunities) to the clever trolls, at whichever point in their lives they first struck the realization of independent or interdependent presenting a fork in the road of their ambition. But this didn’t happen. The clever troll-priests – not having been born into lineage wealth – didn’t inherit an entry pass and it was too much effort, too competitive, too slow a progression to some satisfactory level of self-aggrandizement, to be engaging when it needed to be; during the late teens, twenties and early thirties.

Vigour is potent in youth. Vigour is enough to hack one’s own path through life. Vigour doesn’t last, though. By the time its loss is noticed, it’s too late, and it’s rare for a clever troll to accept the self-criticism needed to backtrack into the ‘cathedral’ at a junior position. Instead, the outsiders double down on their alt-cathedral credentials – distilling their message, hyperbolizing the terms of their hero’s journey – and, finding their “talent” recognized, drawn to extremism by the lure of greater popular acclaim, take up the priestly caricature to minister to their growing congregation.

The clever trolls are human when all’s said and done and, eventually tied to their extremism, the path of least resistance is the adulation of morons, satisfying their base conceits by being center of attention, ambitious (albeit in a degraded form) for greater influence over their audience and greater audience for their influence. Who can blame them for making the most of these opportunities? There aren’t many left, once the clever trolls (or conspiracy theorists, or dark enlightenment exponents) are approaching middle age. In the bigger picture, it might be better the “flock” of outliers has its ‘alt-cathedral’ pastors: someone to believe in, someone who needs to be believed in. It’s a match made in cyberspace.